AI voice over

AI Voice-over

AI voice over… We used to call it progress; now Artificial is mostly seen as a threat. But is that justified? Read and hear it here!

Becoming a Voice Over

You would like to become a Voice Over. Be your own boss, be creative, set your own hours, work from home. Totally 2024! But how do you do that? so!

New MiC

Nieuwe MiC

New Microphone, you want this one. Not that my previous MiC, the Neumann TLM102 wasn’t good enough, but I still purchased a new microphone for those extra dots of studio. It’s just so much fun. Innovate and improve. After the necessary research, it is now hanging here and shining like crazy because it is colored […]

MTV, my big bang

MTV, Barbara Karel

MTV, my Big Bang. FOR A NOTICE I TURNED INTO A KIND OF PINBALL MACHINE. Stars in my head and small flashes of light shot through my limbs. Did I hear that right? Did he just ask me if I would like to become a Veejay for MTV Netherlands? It was Lowlands 2002, I remember […]

Dutch anno 2024

Dutch anno 2024. This is how to write a kickass text. That which is in the thick van Dale is good Dutch anyway, of course, but is it also nice Dutch to listen to? Is language “GOOD” because it is correct Dutch, or can it also be good because it just sounds nice and pretty? […]

Stylist of your voice script


Every script is different. But they all have to be perfectly right and flow nicely. Stylist of your voice over script. I am happy to help you.