MTV, my Big Bang.


Stars in my head and small flashes of light shot through my limbs. Did I hear that right? Did he just ask me if I would like to become a Veejay for MTV Netherlands?

It was Lowlands 2002, I remember it like yesterday. The head producer of TMF and MTV pulled me  backstage by my tail to ask if I fancied a new, exciting, rock’n roll adventure. I had had a wine or two and my head was almost boiling over. Are you kidding me?

Becoming an MTV Veejay? YAAAA, of course I wanted to!

The other VJ left and two weeks later, at her farewell party, of all places, I brought my-quickly put-together, then videotape with a somewhat nervous presentation of myself.

But it worked, because I was invited to a screen test and another week later I was sweating and biting my nails in the magical MTV studio. It felt so crazy…..MTV… I adored that station. And now I got to give it a try. I did a screen test in the awesome MTV studio. I don’t think I’ve ever said “fuck” so many times in 15 minutes.

But heeee,a week later I was inviteded for and interview with the big boss and I remember exactly how I sat there. Bubbles bubbling like champagne in my belly, the clammy sweat in my hands, but full of conviction. Because I was the one they had to have.

Full of confidence, I jumped through the conversation, with the occasional sexy smile, cheeky remark and obvious love of music. And yes, it clicked hard. The Big Boss was impressed and within two weeks I had my own daily MTV studio program.

MTV and I became best friends and from then on everything changed.

My very first interview for MTV was with a French DJ who was to play at Paradiso that night. He was a cute little guy with good looks, a sexy crooked nose and quite a French accent, which made his English somewhat unintelligible in the noisy Paradiso. My interview skills reached level zero, as I had never done an interview before. Fortunately, he didn’t have much TV experience either and was as nervous as I was. It became a pleasant conversation and for a first time it was quite okay.

His name: David Guetta. 

In 2002 a still relatively unknown kid, but anno 2024 a real world star. He has collaborated with Rihanna, Snoop Dogg and Madonna, among others. In 2011, he was named best DJ in the world and his bank account is fully loaded. But then, then he sat innocently across from me at a table with a coke and a rosy twinkle in his eye. Had we had a crystal ball, it would have been a very different conversation.

Check out my MTV reel below.

And here are more old-time videos from when I was on TV and radio.

Enjoy, Barbara

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