Barbara Karel


A topnotch voice talent with her own high-end recording studio.

Genuine and energetic. It characterizes my voice, but also who I am. A fresh timeless voice over and lasting collaboration. That’s what I stand for. From my own topnotch studio, I work every day with a bang on the most diverse types of productions.

Big TV campaigns, cool corporate videos, playful animations and sophisticated promos. All audio is custom made to your wishes. No client and no voice over is the same. Your unique voice, it’s me.

My home voice over studio


Soundproof box-in-box

My studio is the best of the best. Box-in-box, aka a room within a room, that does not make any contact with the house. Even the floor is floating. Ultra noise canceling, made by professional studio designers. So from me you'll get nice full and clean audio with no extra free noise. Ready for TV, on air or online.

Today's technology

It may not mean much to you, but I work with the latest technology. For example, I work with a banging MiC: the AKG C414XLII, the Apollo Twin interface and work with the latest Protools. So guaranteed a super professional sound. At no extra cost, because my high-end studio comes with it for free.

Remote session

The cool thing about this studio? I can always record! Even if the street is broken up. And you can be! For example, I have recording sessions with creatives all over the world. Through a remote session, you can direct me live and have your perfect audio within an hour. So you can move on with your production quickly.

Sounds great?! This is how we work together:

R u

step 1

Mail Your Script

Send me your voice over text or question and I’ll email you back within 24 hours. We’ll take it from there. I work with fixed prices, nice and transparent. No chatter. I deliver high-end audio within one business day. So you can get on with your production smoothly.

step 2


If you agree to the price I will start working for you, you can even be there live! Give me all the input you have and I make it exactly the way you want it. Sounds great?! Of course, I make sure you have your professional voice over well in advance.

step 3

your audio

You always get two nice takes so you can make the perfect edit yourself. Obviously WAVs, top quality. Are you completely happy with the recordings? Then we call it a ‘wrap’! But maybe you want a text change or crisp mastering? That, too, can be arranged quickly. A perfect end result and super happy clients is what I stand for.

step 4

The invoice

I work on the basis of trust. You pay afterwards. Before I start recording we will discuss the price. That’s the total of the recording fee + usage. If the project is successfully completed you will receive the invoice within a week. Should the usage change in the future, please let me know. It works just like with music rights.





The voice over price for a corporate film, online video or explainer animation always includes use internally and organically online in perpetuity. So you may also post it passively on your own social media channels.

FROM €250.

NATIONAL TV or radio

On how many channels and how long does the commercial run? The exposure determines the price. But with me you pay no extra studio fees and you always get topnotch audio.

FROM €500.


Online, there are many different options. Will you push only on your own social media channels? Or will you also advertise on external sites? Like Youtube…

FROM €250.


The wordcount and the exposure. You see, there are many factors that determine the price. I’ve been working with fixed rates for years. Nice and clear, transparent and fair. Send me your info and I’ll send you my exact price….

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Bring it on and I'll get back to you!



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mon-fri: 9am till 5pm

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