Voice-over, for good

For more than 15 years I have been working with my voice. I am a voice-over & voice actor, as well as a copywriter, producer & audio director. With me you book a bucket of skills. Everything you need for a perfect voiceover. I'll make all my clients happy with topnotch and sustainable audio.


My voice talent portfolio consists of clients I can identify with. As a result, I make the world a little more beautiful with my voice. You want that too, don't you?!


With years of experience as a voice actor, VJ for MTV, DJ for 3FM and producer for advertising, I give every kind of voice-over the perfect flow. Short or long, always from my heart.


From my professional in house recording studio, I deliver the perfect voiceover within one business day. But live directing is also always possible, in which case you will even have your topnotch audio in house within an hour.


Positivity moves us all forward. A nice work flow, good vibes and super happy clients is what I stand for. Bet you book me more often!

Voice-over & voice actor, for good.

‘Yes sounds nice, but what do you mean by that?’ I hear you thinking.

Nothing complicated though, tis very easy. It’s just what I stand for both as a person and as a voice talent. It’s the basics, ingrained in my system that I live and work with every day. Just do it right. A few small examples: If the cashier at the grocery store looks nice, I will definitely compliment her. Walking into a train compartment full of strangers I will always greet and smile cheerfully at everyone. Throw litter just like that on the street, and you’ll can get it from me! Just like I naturally throw litter on the beach into the trash.

I believe in Good with a capital letter G, which makes me (as good as can be) a good person as well as a good voice talent. You never get botched work from me so if I am not ultra satisfied with the voice over the audio will not be sent. And I only take assignments that I stand behind.

‘Ok cool. But..uh high-end voiuce talent, what do you mean by that?

My audio studio is a very real one. Not a do-it-yourself carpentered hutch in a closet, but built by professional studio builders. Cost a few bucks, but then you have something. It is a box-in-box studio as it is called. A room within a room, which makes no contact with the house. Ultra insulated, acoustically completely fine-tuned and even the floor is floating. As a result, the studio makes no contact with the house, so you never suffer from “noise” or annoying background noise. As a result, I can always dial in, move quickly and deliver high-end audio. Even if the sidewalk is broken up.

‘Nice hear, but what else are you working with?’

To make really “tasty” voice-overs, I work with the latest technology. Protools of course, a topnotch interface (Universal Audio) and a serious MiC that fits my voice perfectly. The AKGC41 XLII.

Everything is ready to create the perfect voice-over in no time. You can direct me live via any provider and world wide with ou whole team. And are you in a recording studio yourself, you can even plug in right here. This way you have your material ready to use immediately.

That sounds good indeed, but why are you a voice actor for good?’

My media career began at MTV, where I devised my own formats and wrote scripts. Then I moved on to 3FM, where I made my own radio program. During that time, I became the station voice of NPO3.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that before MTV, I had a brilliant career as a producer in advertising. As a result, I am creatively and textually strong. And that adds tremendous value to the speechwriting work I do. My voice talent skills combined with my media and advertising experience ensure that you always get the best version of your text voiced. A voice-over that “flows” perfectly with your production. I’ll take care of that.

In short, voice-over for good. 

‘Wow, sounds good. 😉 Now prove it!

Sure. Read below what my clients say about my voice talent work.

Go for a sustainable voice-over


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* No production is the same, but to give you an idea: web video 0-250 words: 250,- Radio commercial nationwide from 500,- and a TV commercial nationwide from 650,- . Want to know exactly what the price is for voicing your voice-over text? Then send me a message!

*For texts up to 500 words, the standard is max 1 business day. Longer voice-over texts are always scheduled in consultation, but are of course always ready when you want them.

* The price always includes a retake on intonation. Text changes afterwards will be charged, but should it happen once in a while and be for a small thing, I will of course take care of it for free.

* No, I don’t just say ‘YES’ to everything. It is very important to me that I can relate to a text as a human being. Want to know if we’re a match? Send me your script and I’ll let you know right away.


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