Dutch anno 2024. This is how to write a kickass text.

That which is in the thick van Dale is good Dutch anyway, of course, but is it also nice Dutch to listen to? Is language “GOOD” because it is correct Dutch, or can it also be good because it just sounds nice and pretty? So I do believe in that. Fun!

Language that makes you happy.

See, with today’s youth, searching for “the Dutch truth” is as complicated as finding a needle in a haystack. Phew, a proverb, that’s already totally oldskool. It is time is to let go of the old and go for refreshment and renewal. Are you making a new web video? Then, of course, we’re not going to hold on to oldskool Dutch. The world around us (wink wink) and thus the Netherlands is changing at breakneck speed. One season “natural” is all the rage, but the next season everything has to be bright pink. Love it!

Dutch anno 2024, I love it.

Refreshment is blissful, isn’t it? As you see, for example, when certain words that are not properly pronounced by the youth end up being accepted by the general public in their new guise. Love it. 

Take “Mister” for example. Who says that anymore? Of course, that has long since become “Sir.

And so there are hundreds more examples of Dutch words that are just really out of date. Here’s a list of words I frequently encounter in voice-over texts. 

  1. ever……becomes: always
  2. However…becomes: but
  3. as soon as possible, I always make a ‘as soon as possible’ version of that too
  4. ready…….becomes: ready
  5. which…becomes: which
  6. almost…becomes: almost
  7. Thus…becomes: so
  8. maybe…becomes: maybe

When creating a voice over text 2024, it is really very important to speak Dutch of today. 

Example: You are working on a somewhat businesslike text for a business presentation. If so, this could be a piece of writing. 

‘It is important to consult with your colleagues with great regularity. Perhaps this will take some getting used to for everyone, however, this will result in good cooperation and guaranteed success. 

Yes, we all understand what it says here, but would you put it that way in Dutch anno 2024? You could make it better:

  ‘It’s important to meet regularly with your team.’ That may take some getting used to at first, but good communication makes for great collaboration and the best results.

Now do you understand what I mean?

Dutch anno 2024 is straightforward.

So write a text that is just nice and fresh, with short sentences and no fuss. Spoken language, so keep it short and keep it smooth, that way your video will last extra long. Otherwise, check out the webinar I gave with Jente Kater of voicebooking: How to write in conversational language. You view it here. Super instructive.

Good luck! 


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