New Microphone, you want this one.

Not that my previous MiC, the Neumann TLM102 wasn’t good enough, but I still purchased a new microphone for those extra dots of studio. It’s just so much fun. Innovate and improve. After the necessary research, it is now hanging here and shining like crazy because it is colored gold! But not only that, she sounds like gold too. After years of enjoying and delivering beautiful work with my old BFF, I was ready for a more refined instrument.

And that, of course, is what my MiC is, my instrument that I play every day. 

Each microphone has its own special magical powers and sound.. By practicing and playing a lot, you will get better and develop your hearing and your talent. Just like  with musicians I think. And as you get better at your play, you want to be able to get more and more out of your talent. So you purchase, for example, another violin carved from very special wood, or a keyboard with even more possibilities. In my case, a new MiC.

So that’s why I now have the AKG C414 XLII installed that I can play even better.

Fuller, more refined, more robust, more complex and more clear … I want it all! And I have to say, it worked out perfectly. That new microphone picks up the smallest vibrations and nuances making the audio I produce even more refined. So I can voice very tiny and soft and still be perfectly intelligible. Or I can hoot like a seagull on a Sunday morning without sounding overpowered. And I can take you on a wonderful journey to faraway places while you can just stay in your bed. The sound is really fantastic.

This Microphone takes my voice-over work to the next level.

The audio I provide is perfect for all media. Everything you see online comes from this golden friend. But also, for example, the Kiosk TV campaign.

So that AKG is a big fat cherry on top. Investing, in myself and in my final product. Because I’m worth it, and so is my client! Also looking forward to a new MiC? You order it here.

And do you want that MiC and me there? Contact me and we’ll fix it. Today.

Cheers, Bar

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