Your voice over script styled to perfection.

From sultry Spotify banners to fresh stories. From energetic radio commercials to calm E-learnings. My assignments are so varied, no one is the same, but they all have to sound different and perfect. And that is exactly what is so fun about my profession. The creative. Creating, thinking along, fine-tuning your voice over script. Just like s ling your outfit.

It just has to be “right. Let me explain.

When you go to the beach you like to put on a comfy outfit. Of course with matching sandals and preferably a pretty flower in your hair or a pair of kick-ass earrings. This makes you feel good. If you go to work and you are, for example, the owner of an organic cheese shop, then you put on your tough overalls. But if you are a real estate agent and are in the high class villas, then you go to work in a tight suit or at least casually chic, businesslike and above all convincing.

It works the same way with your voice over script. The tone of voice, or styling, must match the production perfectly, because to go to the beach in a tight suit is just too much. That’s why I make sure you go out the door all happy and radiant. Well uh…into the market in your case.

With a tight voice over script, prefectly voiced.

Did you know that most of my clients (read companies small and big) come back to me for another voice over session? They are always genuinely happy with my work. “Sounds good!” “Wow, how beautiful” and “Super professional” are things I hear regularly. Topnotch stylist of your voice script, it’s me. So that you can confidently can conquer the world with your production. Listen and watch here to happy clients of all shapes and sizes.

Beautiful day,


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