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True love it is, me and my studio. Everyday I work with a smile, making my clients happy. Because that's the best part of it, happy clients. I’m a professional voice-over artist since 2005, that’s why I always deliver a good story.

I’ve earned my credits in the Netherlands, where I’ve been heard daily on national TV and radio for many years. But I’ve also been active internationally. I'm fluent in Dutcha and Atlantic English. My voice is warm, natural and just a little bit husky. And I have my own professional studio.

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Studio specs: Soundproof smooth vocal booth, so a clean and lean voice-over. My mic is heaven: the AGKC414 XLII. And ofcourse I work with Protools. All of which guarantee a pleasant, high-quality sound.

The brands which I’ve made voice-overs for include:

Philips, Sony, Spotify, Toyota, Heineken, MTV, ING, Renault, Shell, Hema, KLM, Kia, Tmobile, Vodafone, Peugeot, Coca Cola, Rabobank, EVE, Andrélon, ABN AMRO, WWF... and many more.

I'm looking forward to working with you.


Voice-over EXAMPLES

Nothing but love for modern talking. I provide professional voice-overs in Dutch and Atlantic English for all kind of productions. Do you want to hear more? Send me a email and I'll make you a free sample!

(Downloads here)

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Why work with Barbara

  • Natural authentic sound
  • High end audio for all media
  • Scripts up to 250 words, delivery in one day
  • Own studio, which will save you money
  • Never an unhappy customer
  • Professional and friendly
Barbara Karel voice-over


“Barbara is a pleasant and creative person to work with. Both the voice-over and the texts are always delivered fast and perfectly. Whether we’re looking for a calm or a very cheerful voice-over, Barbara can do it all!”

Leon Held, Streaming Manager Sony Music


“Barbara delivers good work at the speed of sound. We rely on her expertise when a special request comes in. In short, working with her is like a breath of fresh air.”

Koen Frederik Smit, casting director voicebooking.com


“As a producer, you’re often under pressure from tight deadlines. How wonderful then, to work with Barbara. She always delivers fast, always with 100% commitment, always a good result, and always with a smile. The great thing about Barbara is that she takes every job seriously. Every assignment, small or large, is carried out professionally. Highly recommended!”

Ferry van der Heijden, owner Lekker Hip Audio


“Barbara’s voice makes our film productions even more professional than they already are. She is extremely flexible, highly professional and incredibly fast to deliver. Keep up the good work!!”

Edwin Frantzen, owner SnapTV


“It’s always great to work with Barbara. For us, she’s become the regular Philips voice-over due to her familiar, husky voice. Barbara responds quickly, works rapidly and delivers quality. She is also a very pleasant person who we’re always happy to call again for a new assignment.”

Amanda van Dommele, Producer DareCreative


“Barbara is an extremely versatile and professional voice-over artist. Whether she’s producing a quick recording from her own studio or coming to work with us on a longer recording, it’s always a pleasure to work with her.”

Guido Elenbaas, Audiovisual Producer Wenneker

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voice-over RATES

Am I expensive? No, but I'm sure you can fine cheaper voices. Just know that I can guarantee you will be more than happy with the result and so will be your target audience.

Scripts up to 250 words will be delivered in high-end audio in one workingday. But hey, let me make you an exact quote depending on your request and we'll take it from there. I'll make sure you won't regret it. 

voice-over for TV and radio, Internet preroll, corporate productions, webvideo, app, instore, voiceresponse, E-learning, Podcast and narrating.


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